what you need is coming.

slow down enough to notice.

stay present enough to feel it.

stand up in time to embrace.

sunday marked 2 weeks into quarter two.

sunday held so many gifts for me and my community.

i’m choosing more.

i’m rising stronger.

always lean in to what aligns to your purpose and your joy.


and by lean in,

i mean actively trust

i mean intentionally pursue

i mean creatively express

i mean connect your belief to action.

realize the gem of the moment will only be unearthed as you mine the ground around it.

too rough…

comes only when you are challenged beyond your current ability, but from within the bounds of your current knowledge.

is uncomfortable

is often messy

is disrupting and selfish,

yet it always brings

new life

fresh perspective, and

a fuller sense of self and greater level of confidence

i’ve found myself brought to places of growth several times over the past 7–10 days

there were some moments i stepped up into, and others i allowed to pass me by.

some opportunities i could see a mile away,

yet many others either made themselves known only in the moment, or

like a…

even recently as a mindfulness advocate, i never fully or personally grasped the value in the practice of reciting affirmations to yourself. i remember seeing a fellow business owner in my city mention on instagram that she didn’t quite see what the need was for them either.

i do recognize that words have power. our thoughts make our reality. i have never doubted that.

during my free writing this morning i explored the reality and impact of the words that you say about someone else, (wether they be negative or positive), and the reality of the energy that is carried…

i’ve been getting more and more serious about me. about making decisions that bring me peace, that properly challenge me, that align with my design, and that propel my purpose.

that may be a great shift in how my time is spent, who i spend my time with, how much space i make for creativity, healing, joy, connection and focused freedom.

last month was a month where i leaned into discipline. i needed to step back form some things. i needed to make space to observe and begin developing some things. …

this was my second time marching in a black lives matter protest.

my first time was in atlanta. it may have been about 3 years ago. my ex and i were in town for a concert, heard about the protest and made our way down that day.

this year, in the aftermath of of George Floyd Jr’s murder, and several other white on black racial incidents, i felt a deeper desire to do something. my city, though it’s in the south, is not one that is a hotbed of unrest. yes, there have been killings. yes there is racism. but…

but i wasn’t always a good plant dad.

in hindsight, i bought the plant that sits on my window sill for what it could provide me. and after time, its leaves became very wilted, withered and dry.

my absent care was not “intentional”.

it actually had much to do with my own mental health.

i was feeling very distant from myself.

depressive states were knocking, banging at my door.

there wasn’t too much life in ME, much less any life to infuse and energetically pass on to a plant.

he received the consistent sun that shone through my window during…


i am me, and i’m happy to be.

being me is filled with anxiety.

its filled with learning to express

being me is figuring ways to step out of my own space, and out of my own way.

being me has caused me great pain and caused me great joy

i don’t understand sometimes fully how to be me, and i’ve seen that part of being me is a constant cycle of my growing into me.

i feel as though my fears, my hesitancies, my areas of weakness may always be present with me.

i think that’s just a…

i don’t have a person, i have people.

i don’t think i was meant to have one person, or be with one person.

the thought just came to mind of how i might look back at myself, and my thoughts, today in about 5 years. with 5 years more life experience. 5 more years of relationship with people, with friends, with lovers. asking, feeling, learning and loving.

i think back to how i thought about love and relationships 3 years ago, and 7 years ago, and 15 years ago. it wild and wonderful.

my intimacy with people comes at different…

physical things?

emotional things?

relational things?

take 5 minutes every day to sit with them.

settle with them.

describe them in detail.

allow their essence to expand into your mind…

i’ve felt an energy shift in my life over the past 3 or so weeks.

some of it may have come after i expressed a number value that, once acquired i will either go part time or quit my 9–5 job entirely.

some of it may have from the several days of intentional time towards my own healing and self caring space.

some of it may have from from the small financial victories i’ve accomplished and had initiated.

some of it may have come simply from the rearrangement of furniture in my room (i believe heavily in feng shui and…

Edward Titus

[31 yrs of life experience][yogi][creative][truth seeker][traveler][lover]

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